Wednesday, May 30, 2012

manusia BIASA

im originally created to be a normal person.
and you, popped out from nowhere and disturb my life.
yes, memang susah nak buang benda yang aku sendiri tanam.
memang salah aku, wujudkan benda yang tak wujud.
tapi itu fitrah, yang aku tak boleh tolak.

no matter how far you gonna go,
how long the journey i need to take on my way to catch you up,
it doesnt matter
i'll haunt you,
with all my determination and strength.

btw, i gonna take all these things happened
as one of my motivation to succeed here.

ill see you, one day. with a dr in front of my name :)

1 comment:

  1. Well, my dear bestfriend, it's true indeed. Life is not based on 'saya-suka-awak' dan 'awak-suka-saya'..and we live happily ever after - aman bahagia untuk selamanya. Tak semudah tu. Life has its thorn, too. Remember that, be determine and have faith. InsyaAllah :) anyway, all the best!!