Sunday, March 17, 2013


you wanna call me crazy or silly or whatever it is. yeah. im kinda crazy right now. im battling with my own feeling. stalk. sakit hati. meroyan. stalk. sakit hati. meroyan. walaupun aku tau sakit nya hati aku baca semua benda apa apa yang related pasal kau aku still tak boleh berhenti.


aku ingat aku dah moved on.
tu apa yang aku ingat. apa yang aku rasa.
but somehow.
i wish i text-ed you and tell you what i really feel.

but it just in my mind. in my dream. i had never text you. or at least made any effort.

its not because i dont like you.

its not you that im rejecting or ignoring or whatever, it just my heart that im protecting.

im coward. yes, i need to admit this. im afraid of losing.  im afraid of the shadows that always there, haunted me everywhere i go. im afraid that i might like you so much that i will get hurt. but unfortunately, i did. i just did.

im sorry that ive crossed the line. im not supposed to like you this much that every time i see your name my heart beat fast, real fast.

ive never say goodbye to anyone.

maybe this will be the first, and the last.