Saturday, March 31, 2012

|mirror and heart|

if a mirror
breaks now
all of us
could hear that,

but if a heart breaks now
non of us
could hear that

i can't help asking
my self
why the suffering
of a broken heart is
always silent?


kumbang bukan seekor dan bukan semua kumbang tu busuk macam skunk

Friday, March 9, 2012


‘think of me as a dream. From the first moment i came to your life, till now that i disappeared, think of me as a dream. When you think it as a dream, when you opened your eyes, it wont hurt at all.’

Yes babe. Im closing my eyes now and how i wish when i open my eyes, the pain will gone. And im no longer know your existence.

Monday, March 5, 2012

tanpa MOTIF

arggghh, banyak betul orang post pasal cintan cintun kebelakangn ni
kan. ouch, its kinda annoyed me, bukan sebab apa yg diorang post, but t

he fact that nobody want me. hahahaha. i hate to admit it, but, swallow it adillahfarhana, reality bites somehow.

im not that desperate to find a guy just because everybody around me got a boyfiee, but based on what one of my friend told me back then when i was in form 5 'nak cari tu

biarlah yang kekal, bukan nak buat main, carilah yang elok di mata allah, bukan di mata manusia'

argghh, right on my face! time tu memang rasa mcm nak belari ke bukit tunggal dan menjerit sekuat hati, sebab im the one yg sibuk bubling pasal kawankawan yg dah ada steady. lagipun, i knew who i am. im not a girl who can be classified as a pretty, soft and charming girl that gonna melt every men's heart kan. but im believing in myself that Allah had wrote the best for me, even though i dont have a perfect body, and even a sweet smile but im proud of who i am. a lot more better than someone yg pretend to be nice in front of other people, but deep inside, hanya Allah yg maha mengetahui.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

ouh, i just HATE the way you told me that you hate everything that JUST happened.

you are a spoiled brat, coward!

move on

the more i think about it, the scarier i am. yes, i am afraid of losing. someone told me, as we
grow older, the distance separated us from our friend getting bigger.

i hate the fact that if one day, if we see each other, we got nothing to say unlike back then when we were still young

i knew the fact that people come and people go, but even though people walked away from my life EVERYDAY, yet, they still have their own space in my mind and my heart. they bring happiness in my life, and of course, the smile on your face still vivid in my mind. your laugh, your walk and even though the way you talk, they are still inside my mind. i dont want to be a c
oward, who dont know how to show their appreciation towards the one that t
hey love, so i am here to tell you that i love you. and ill never forget you, thankyou friend :)