Monday, March 5, 2012

tanpa MOTIF

arggghh, banyak betul orang post pasal cintan cintun kebelakangn ni
kan. ouch, its kinda annoyed me, bukan sebab apa yg diorang post, but t

he fact that nobody want me. hahahaha. i hate to admit it, but, swallow it adillahfarhana, reality bites somehow.

im not that desperate to find a guy just because everybody around me got a boyfiee, but based on what one of my friend told me back then when i was in form 5 'nak cari tu

biarlah yang kekal, bukan nak buat main, carilah yang elok di mata allah, bukan di mata manusia'

argghh, right on my face! time tu memang rasa mcm nak belari ke bukit tunggal dan menjerit sekuat hati, sebab im the one yg sibuk bubling pasal kawankawan yg dah ada steady. lagipun, i knew who i am. im not a girl who can be classified as a pretty, soft and charming girl that gonna melt every men's heart kan. but im believing in myself that Allah had wrote the best for me, even though i dont have a perfect body, and even a sweet smile but im proud of who i am. a lot more better than someone yg pretend to be nice in front of other people, but deep inside, hanya Allah yg maha mengetahui.


  1. oh dear.. i'm so sorry for not tunaikan my janji.. sorry if i ever promised you anything... but to me, let me end my peaceful single year with someone who accepts me for who i am. at least you're still precious :) n you know u have a cute smile (tpi mls nk btaw face2face, tkut org tu kembang). hahahaha. nah, just believe that bukannya kau takde lelaki beside you sebab kau tk cntik ke, body tk hot ke, apa ke. it's because Allah loves you that He's keeping the best for you. maybe who knows one day that guy from Glee masuk Islam n u got married with him? nah.. just kidding.. tapi be grateful with what u have... setiap ciptaan Allah tu kan indah? hihi :)

  2. kejar cita2 lbih penting dari kejar cinta..