Saturday, April 7, 2012


some people said; our first love will never be forgotten. tadi tibatiba termenonton short film pasal first love; how much it affect our life, not just my life, i bet most of the teenagers had their first love, which i never know whether it turned out into a sweet old story or a nightmare that you dont even want to remember it. but believe me, how bad your first love is, you will remember it for the rest of your life. just like me. but it didnt ended up well somehow. and i might remember it as some kind of nightmare., but it taught me something precious, yes. it did anyway. so, to my first, i dont need to mention your name, cause you know who you are, kankan ;)
this is not my first love, anyway.

tapi sebenarnya, bila fikir balik, aku rasa rugi sebab tak simpan yang pertama untuk yang kekal abadi. regret sebab rasa macam buang masa, duit, semua. dosa pulak makin menimbun. tp betul jugaklah kan, apa yg dah jadi tu jadikan pengajaran, so i VOW to myself that im gonna keep my heart for the one and only, yang halal. InsyaAllah. so Allah, please protect my heart <3

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  1. alhamdulillah my friend (:
    i hope one day i would be like that .
    ehem ehem . byeeee :D